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Providing the best hospital healthcare is no joke!

But putting them to sleep with longer hours of direct contact with hospital bed linens is an area where infection prevention and control is critical and cannot be taken for granted.

And that is the task of the hospital equipment and supplies particularly the laundry machinery that you are looking for. To deliver hygienically clean hospital linens that minimize any risk of spreading infection, following the most stringent standards available for hospital healthcare laundry operations. Spread of diseases outside the hospital environment is contained as contaminated hospital linens are not brought outside the hospital premises.  



Healthcare Facility's Integrated Infection Control and Prevention

Using simple laundry machinery that will always be there when you need them without delay and without suffering the risk of machine obsolescence.

Practical laundry machinery that is easy to maintain and service with abundant supply of spare parts. No exclusivity!

Your practical laundry machinery that is directly under your supervision and control for that hygienically clean hospital linens at less cost. Your simple laundry machinery that will never sacrifice nor compromise hygiene.




Without the proper basic laundry training, the very best laundry machinery is useless.

Thus we offer our certified Basic Laundry Training (BLT) which is a must not only for your accounting control and monitoring management but likewise ensure that the laundry is meeting the standards required to reduce and prevent infection risk in a hospital healthcare environment at the least cost.




If you're ready to provide the hospital healthcare facility's infection control and prevention, you may count on us. From the country's pioneer manufacturer of industrial laundry machinery, Ferotex Phils. offers quaity yet affordable laundry machinery and services. Practical laundry machinery without the need for exclusive and hard to find replacement parts and the elusive per hour certified factory-trained service technician. 

If you are looking for that one time sensible investment for that very important role in your hospital healthcare laundry facility, please call us now. Mobile: 09196741571

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