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Practical laundry machinery, sensible investment. . . . . . . . . since 1990

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Plain and simple laundry machinery without the hassle!


 Installed on May 23, 2014 at Camaya Coast, Mariveles, Bataan



Laundry machinery: [ Lifetime Warranty *]

Practical laundry machinery that is easy to operate and maintain with abundant supply of universal spareparts. No exclusivity.

Simple laundry machinery that will always be there when you need it without delay and without suffering the risk of obsolescence. 

A sensible investment for life!

And pampering a lot of very important persons to work, play and eat is no joke!

But putting them to sleep with longer hours of direct olfactory contact with bed linens, a very important and long lasting first impression is thus created that cannot be taken for granted nor outsource.

Please allow me to quote Marcel Proust: "When nothing else subsists from the past, after the people are dead, after the things are broken and scattered - the smell and taste of things remain poised a long time, like souls bearing resiliently, on tiny and almost impalpable drops of their essence, the immense edifice of memory."

And that is the task of the laundry machinery that you are looking for. To create that sweet scented or just plain fresh, crisp and clean laundry that will surely come into direct olfactory contact leaving that long lasting first impression with total recall.       


Your practical laundry machinery that is directly under your supervision and control for that good quality laundry at less cost. Your simple laundry machinery that will never compromise nor sacrifice quality. The inexpensive laundry machinery that will always be there when you need it without delay and without suffering the risk of obsolescence.

If you're ready to create that long lasting first impression, please take no chances, count on us.    




From the country's pioneer manufacturer of industrial laundry machinery, FEROTEX Phils offer quality yet affordable laundry machinery and services. Practical laundry machinery without the need for exclusive and hard to find replacement parts and the elusive per hour certified factory-trained service technician.

Without the proper basic laundry training, the very best laundry machinery is useless. Thus, we offer our certified Basic Laundry Training (BLT) which is a must not only for your accounting control and monitoring management but likewise for creating that long lasting first impression.


                 Most of all, creating that long lasting first impression need not be expensive. 

If you are looking for that one time sensible investment for life please call us now:

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Thank you and we look forward to serving you!

Maraming salamat po!


National Inventors WeeK
Consider our environment in your investments before buying:

Our distinct geographical location plus the sprawling islands have made the distribution of goods and services to our disavantage. Major businesses are concentrated in Metro Manila although branching out could mean additional operating expenses.

Hence, one must carefully think and rethink before investing not only on laundry machinery in particular.

Yes, your front line managers want the best and shows concern not to be at the mercy of luck finding those scarce replacement parts and services which are mostly available in Metro Manila.

Just when you needed them most, they are out of stock and must be ordered from
the other side of the world without knowing when it will be arriving. Well, if
they are available elsewhere and your guest demands for fresh, crisp and clean linen, spend more for an air shipment. 

Supplier's r
eplacement parts inventory or availability all depends on how fast
they sell and how fast the machines becomes obsolete for a decent return on investment
. No wonder, no one is keeping replacement parts (dead inventory) for imported vehicles. Just imagine how big could the investment be for different parts and quantity to stock for each brands, models and make to guarantee complete parts availability? The same is true with industrial laundry machinery.

New technologies or innovations are coming in by leaps and bounds. However, innovations are needed, most specially by manufacturers who will not survived
if you continue using your machines forever.

Not only that the replacement parts are available in Metro Manila, we must also rethink who will maintain them specially now with the brain drain for global opportunities. Those machines must be maintained by highly qualified factory-trained technicians which too often are now gainfully employed abroad. 
Someone complained of spending more on maintenance as a fresh new recruit was sent. Likewise, imagine how costly the repairs and parts are. Best if you can ask the replacement parts pricelist particularly the cost of a motherboard replacement?

Below are some of the pictures we have taken and after spending so much, they lay wasted. So before buying, please rethink and look for simple and plain laundry machinery without the risk of obsolescence.


Proven durability & reliability not by ISO but by the world's strongest typhoon Haiyan [Yolanda].


Meet typhoon Haiyan [Yolanda] survivors, including the boy and Ferotex’s flood soaked products that after some cleaning (without replacing any parts) still performs to provide that fresh, clean and crisp linens.      

A timely relief for the weary volunteers billeted at the historical Hotel Alejandro, Tacloban City. Our simple way of expressing gratitude to those helping hands. Perkins power generator courtesy of the United Nations.

Your satisfaction, our greatest achievement!

Just how amazing to see your youngest child posing and appreciating the pinnacle of your hardwork. She was not even born yet when these laundry machinery were made. This photo was recently taken during her school's team building event in one of the resorts in Laguna. 

These machines were the first of our designs and it is beyond compare to the latest models. They were built in 1990 and still in operating condition with very minimal maintenance. 

It is in the service of the Filipino that we will continue to produce better quality products that are built to last!




Practical Laundry Machinery

Businessman's Prayer

Father God in heaven, I thank thee and recognize that the power to manage my business and the power to get wealth come from you.

As I lead my business, grant me wisdom to make wise choices and prudent plans. Help me in my dealings that I may be honest, fair and wise.

Let me deal with others as I wish to be dealt with.

Help me think not only of gain and profit but also of opportunities to serve people.

Prosper my business, Lord that even through this I can rejoice and be useful to you, to my loved ones and my country.

In Jesus Christ mighty name I pray...Amen!

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Waste of money. Junk machines for lack of replacement parts and obsolescence.